Конкурсы для детей Secured   

Творческие конкурсы и олимпиады для детей и школьников, педагогов и воспитателей ДОУ

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Thumbnail Freedomnesia
Freedomnesia adalah sebuah situs yang memberikan berbagai informasi secara bebas, mudah dipahami, dan tentunya gratis didapatkan untuk semua orang.
Added on: Sunday 12th of April 2020
Thumbnail MBBS course in medical universities in Georgia
Studying MBBS in Georgia is a great prospect for students as the country is a very fun-loving place with a moderate climate with the top faculties teaching you the curriculum as well. You can easily make a successful career. The duration of the MBBS course in medical universities in Georgia is for 6 years which comprises of 5 years of theoretical study and one year of practical study.
Added on: Tuesday 19th of May 2020


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